A friendly caution from Martel Law | New scam targets victims who file for bankruptcy.

By Imelda Martel

By Imelda Martel

Recently, we have been made aware of a telephone scam involving individuals who file for bankruptcy. We wanted to forward a personal caution about these recent scams, where scammers are masking their telephone numbers to appear to be those of your bankruptcy attorney. 

Attorney Imelda Martel, our founder and president, has this personal message to relay about these recent scams:

I do not use assistants to communicate with my clients, with the creditors, with the Trustees and with the Court. I personally handle my clients’ cases. If you receive any calls that are supposed to have come from my office and we did not get to speak to each other, please call me and I will speak to you.

You can read more about these recent scams here, from  the NACBA website. 

Stay safe! 

Imelda Martel,