We are a Debt Relief Agency. 

The questions surrounding bankruptcy are countless. Who do you turn to? Should you even file? We believe that conquering your debt and taking control of your finances should be easy, affordable, and without stress. If you can sleep at night, then we know we've done our job. 
We believe in peace of mind.


Your Bankruptcy Survival Kit.


Let us be a partner and an ally in your pursuit of happiness. Restore balance to your life one step at a time. 

The myths surrounding bankruptcy are many. Get the real facts to get your life back on track. 

Our tools are yours. Read our guide before you decide. If you felt powerless before, now you can rest easy knowing that you have a powerful friend by your side.


Busting the myths and taboo behind bankruptcy. 

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Martel Law 
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...Thank you again for your knowledge and understanding in dealing with my bankruptcy. It was an extremely difficult decision to make and I thought it would be even tougher to go through but you made the process go much smoother than I ever imagined. Your demeanor is so friendly and welcoming that I immediately felt at ease with you and knew my case was in excellent hands. I can’t thank you enough Imelda for taking on the burden of my bankruptcy. I will be singing your praises for a long, long time to come.
— Stacy. K
Imelda Martel is more than Attorney; she is one of the BEST in her field. She instantly makes you feel comfortable talking about your situation with her. She takes the time to talk to you about all your options, and help you decide what option is right for you. When you leave, you have the confidence that she will handle your case with her highest standards. I would recommend Imelda to any of my family and friends, without a second thought. She helped me make it to the light, at the end of a very long tunnel. I feel like Imelda is more than just my attorney, I consider her a friend.
— Nell M.
We called other attorney’s, but all they would do is a chapter 7. We couldn’t afford it, but then we received a letter in the mail from you and we decided to give you a call. We are so glad we did. You worked with us and got us taken care of. Thank you so much.
— Barbara H.
Imelda Martel has provided excellent service in helping me resolve my bankruptcy case. I am a retired veteran and incurred an unsustainable amount of debt as a result of a divorce. Imelda Martel efficiently handled my case and has helped me rebuild my finances and credit history. I definitely would recommend her hard work, dedication, and impeccable service to others.
— Charlie E.
Imelda Martel is one of the kindest, most generous lawyers I have ever met. She was honest, forthright, and even gave me a free counseling session, eventually telling me to save my money—that other options rather than bankruptcy might be in my best interest. Rather than charge me for the consult, as most attys would have, she sacrificed her gain for mine. How many lawyers can you say that about today? She is friendly, humorous, and has a fabulous personality. I cannot recommend anyone higher, and I’ve claimed bankruptcy before.

Thank you so much for helping my family, Imelda! Thanks to you we are on our way to being debt free!
— Rhonda C.
Imelda was more than a Bankruptcy attorney. She’s a person also. Imelda takes the time to listen and understand -to get to know you as the person. Imelda goes the distance to make sure if you bankrupt it’s the best it could be. Imelda Is!!! up front and straight to the point. But she knows this is hard for you. She, Imelda, is very respectful of you and your feelings. Imelda is why I saved my home.

Thank you Imelda, don’t quit trying.
— Randy R.