Should I really be filing for Bankruptcy?

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Photo by Hemera Technologies/ / Getty Images

I once filed a Bankruptcy for a single mom, who brought her 4-year-old son to my office. My client explained to her son why they had to be there. After two hours of work, the little boy quietly played with his video game and a few times, he respectfully interrupted and would ask his mom a question. As I stepped out of my office for a few minutes, I asked my client if it was ok for her son to have some chocolates that were in a bowl on my side table. She said yes.

My client later told me that while I was away, her son saw the fake million dollar bill that was next to the bowl of chocolates.

He exclaimed "Mom! Is that what I think it is?” She answered “Yes, it’s a Million Dollars! So, should we take it?” He answered "Oh no Mom! We can’t do that to her.”

1.  When should I call Imelda to set up an appointment?

Call me if you are concerned about your being able to pay your bills or being able to keep your property. You do not have to wait until you are so overwhelmed by your situation.

You have nothing to lose. At your free first consultation, I will personally sit with you and we will review your situation together. If we determine that bankruptcy will be helpful to you, then...

We Can Stop:
• Lawsuits, Harassing Letters, and Calls      • Wage Garnishments            
• Foreclosures & Car Repossessions            • Freezing of Your Bank Accounts

You Have An Opportunity To:
• Erase or Discount Your Debts                      • Pay Your Taxes and Student Loans  

2. Knowledge is power. It can easily become confusing and overwhelming to filter the bombardment of options out there. By coming to my office, I will share my knowledge with you so that you can make an informed decision on how to move forward in taking care of yourselves and your loved ones.

3.  Folks are often times surprised when I tell them not to file for Bankruptcy. I will explain to you the reasons why it may be the wrong time, why it may be harmful, or why other alternatives are better for you. You deserve the truth and that is what I will share with you.

4.  My Parents would often ask me if being a Bankruptcy Attorney bothers or depresses me.

In all my years of practice, my answer has been no.

Why? Each person has a story and I consider it a privilege when folks allow me to help them. So each day, I do my best to try to improve their lives or stories.

5.  I must admit, I am truly grateful to my clients. They are quite amazing people. Even through the worst of times, they find the strength and determination to fight to make things better.